Austria; Czech Republic present credentials to Kiribati


President Tong receives Letter of Credential from Austrian Ambassador to Kiribati Mr. Helmut Boek


Czech Republic’s Ambassador Rudolf Hykl presents his credentials to President Tong

Bairiki, Tarawa, 21 May, 2014—President Anote Tong officially received Letters of Credentials from two European diplomats who were in the capital this week.

Ambassador Helmut Boek from the Republic of Austria and Ambassador Rudolf Hykl from the Czech Republic met separately with President Tong Tuesday morning to present their Letters of Credential as Ambassadors to Kiribati from their respective countries.

Both Austria and the Czech Republic are recent friends of Kiribati after establishing diplomatic relations in 2004 and 2007 respectively.

Austria’s and the Czech Republic’s bilateral relations with Kiribati has so far been limited to requests for support to candidature in international biddings but potential lies in the cooperation between the two countries and Kiribati in the areas of education and tourism.

Additionally, both Austria and the Czech Republic are members of the European Union providing an important aspect of collaboration in the EU’s capacity as a major development partner for Kiribati through its European Development Fund (EDF) facilities.