Abbott dodging the real issue with climate change – Tong

The impact of climate change on Kiribati, Tuvalu and Marshall Islands has already gone beyond the point of no return in the view of Kiribati’s president Anote Tong.

His dire prediction comes with Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and his Canadian counterpart, Stephen Harper, seeking a conservative alliance which wants to block moves to introduce carbon pricing on a global scale.

Both leades says efforts to control climate change can not be allowed to impact on economies and jobs.

President Tong says the Abbott-Harper strategy throws previous regional agreements to which Australia was a signatory into doubt, but as far as Kiribati is concerned, it doesn’t matter what Australia or any other country does now, it’s already too late.

Presenter: Richard Ewart

Speaker: Anote Tong, president, Kiribati

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