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142 Nationals Are Now Repatriated From Fiji

(Bairiki, Tarawa Tuesday, 23rd November 2021)-----The Government of Kiribati has repatriated 141 I-Kiribati seafarers and one national who have been stranded in Fiji due to COVID-19 travel restriction and border closure, on a chartered Reef Endeavor vessel owned by Captain Cook Cruise Line in Fiji.

Ana Kataumwane Te Tautaeka Ibukin 2022

E a tia ana Mwaneaba ni Maungatabu Kiribati ni butimwaea ao ni kabwaata kauouan warekan ana Biira ni Kataumwane te Tautaeka ibukin 2022 ao ni kabwaata naba ana Kataumwane ibukin Karikirake (Development Budget) te Tautaeka ibukin te ririki 2022 ni boowin te Auti n Tei n te Kauabong 30 bongin Nobembwa 2021.

Te Anga Meetera 2021

A butimaeaki ngkai booma ni bubuti ibukin te anga meetera ibukin rinanoaia nte komete are tabeakina te katoka meetera nte ririki aei 2021. E a uki butimaean ami booma man te Kanimabong, 11 n Tuun 2021 ao n toki nte Kanimabong 18 n Tuun 2021 imwain tokin te aoa ni makuri.

Kiribati Received Disaster Supplies Kits from UNDP.

Bairiki Tarawa, 22nd January, 2020--- The Government of Kiribati has received an assortment of donations from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) donor partners in the form of disaster supplies kits.

Swearing-in of five Secretaries and the Commissioner of Police.

16th December 2020. 5 Secretaries and Police Commissioner took their oaths before Beretitenti Taneti Maamau

5th Mayors General Meeting Held in Maiana.

President commended the Mayors for the successful outcomes of the 5th Mayors General Meeting
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Get The KV20 (Kiribati Vision 2020)
The KV20 is Kiribati’s long term development blueprint for the period 2016-2036.

The Government of Kiribati’s vision is to promote a wealthy, healthy and peaceful nation through the sustainable development of its natural and human resources.

This development vision has been incorporated into its long term vision also known as the Kiribati 20-year Vision (KV20)