• The Office of the President (known in short as OB for Office of Te Berititenti) stands in support of the President (Beretitenti) and Cabinet in delivering their vision for the people of Kiribati.

    The OB has a more flexible portfolio than other Ministries, and can assist the President and Cabinet as required.  As well as providing secretariat and protocol support to the President and Cabinet, the OB has responsibilities for ministerial co-ordination and cross-Ministry functions including communications, disaster risk management and climate change policy.

    In the most recent election of 2016, the public voted for change and this Government is committed to delivering an ambitious program of changes and improvements across many areas.

    The Government is committed to increasing openness and transparency and to ensuring that the public is reliably informed and made aware of all Government activities, programs and projects.  This includes disclosure and publication of data and information that will help the public to hold Government accountable for its decisions and for the use of public funds.

    Climate change poses many serious threats to our future as a nation.  Kiribati has a strong international profile but the challenge now is to take this forward locally.  On the related issue of disaster risks, Kiribati needs to be better prepared, with broad understanding from the public and strong backup from all Ministries.

    An overarching concern of Cabinet is the delivery of services to the public, and it is the view of Cabinet that changes are needed within the civil service and in State Owned Enterprises to enhance cost effectiveness and efficiency of delivery to the public.

    Government needs to work more as a whole, with Cabinet setting a clear direction, and all Ministries and State Owned Enterprises acting in the best interests of the people of Kiribati, even when this means changes to the way things have always been done.

    The Constitution of Kiribati in Chapter IV – Directions Assigning Ministerial Responsibility, the Office of the President is responsible for the conduct of the business of the Government specified in Part 1 of the Schedule.

    Business of the Government for the conduct of which the Office of the President is responsible are:

    • Head of State Functions
    • Head of Government Functions
    • Head of Civil Service Functions
    • Cabinet Secretariat
    • Constitutional and Political Affairs
    • Commission of Enquiries and Tribunals
    • Ministerial Coordination
    • Cabinet Taskforces Chairmanship
    • Secretaries Chairmanship
    • DCC Chairmanship
    • National events e.g. Independence
    • Police
    • Parole Board
    • National Security and Civil Defense
    • Closed Districts
    • Disaster Management
    • Climate Change Policy
    • Meteorological Office
    • Office and Government Buildings Allocation
    • Gazette
    • Charitable Organizations
    • Honours and Awards
    • Gambling and Lotteries
    • Government Information and Public Relations
    • Public Holidays
    • Research Authority
    • Central Procurement Board Chairmanship
    • Public Sector Reform