Kiribati 20-year Vision (KV20)
  • The KV20 is Kiribati’s long term development blueprint for the period 2016-2036.

    This development blue print aims to transform Kiribati into a wealthier, healthier and peaceful country. The road to this KV20 began under the leadership of the present government administration. This is also the first long-term national development plan for Kiribati. The orientation of the KV20 augurs well with relevant global and regional sustainable development frameworks.

    The process to get to this KV20 was guided by the whole-of-country approach. The strategy has resulted into a document that honours a legacy of the past, embraces our presence and at the same time looks forward and prepares for the future with hope and anticipation. The process of formulating the development blue print was characterized by inclusive consultations conducted for the Gilbert and the Line and Phoenix Island Groups as well as internal consultations with Government Ministries and agencies, business communities and churches which guaranteed valuable inputs from diverse and inclusive contributors, making it a vision for our nation.

    This KV20 draws strength from the unique opportunity it presents for both the government and citizens of Kiribati to collaborate towards improving the quality of life for all I-Kiribati. The Vision identified four pillars that will enable transformative development for our nation and these include wealth, peace and security, infrastructure and governance.

    The Vision, widely informed by the will of the people desires to see Kiribati rise to its full potential through maximizing revenue and output from natural, human and cultural capital. The Vision recognises that sustainability of natural resources must be the fabric of this vision to ensure that the development aspirations today do not compromise the availability of resources for the future generations. The people of Kiribati feel that their future should be more prosperous, equitable, sustainable and thriving, and that is the very essence of this vision.

    This KV20 offers a consolidated framework for development through which the National Development Plans and Ministry Strategic Plans can be aligned by mainstreaming the KV20 strategies during the medium term planning process, in order to provide a meaningful development outcome as envisioned in the KV20. The KV20 fosters alignment between policy areas of respective ministries and paves an innovative path for government, stakeholders, donors and development partners to further collaborate to realise transformative development.

    The KV20 provides an implementation process that unlocks the potential of Kiribati by presenting the vision, facilitating commitment and consistent cooperation for all. The vision also seeks to ensure that its implementation, monitoring and evaluation adopts an inclusive consultative mechanism as its formulation.

    This KV20 is the culmination of commendable commitment, hard-work and dedication which would not have been possible without the many individuals who gave their time, provided information and participated in the formulation process. I am therefore very pleased to hand over this plan to the people of Kiribati in general, and more specifically to the public, private, and social sector stakeholders in order for the citizens of Kiribati to take ownership, inspire, empower and drive its execution for the benefit of the current and future generations .

    Health, Peace and Prosperity.

The Government of Kiribati’s vision is to promote a wealthy, healthy and peaceful nation through the sustainable development of its natural and human resources.

This development vision has been incorporated into its long term vision also known as the Kiribati 20-year Vision (KV20)

Download KV20 here.